Post surgery mobilisation

Post surgery mobilisation

Post-surgical rehabilitation might be important for different types of surgeries including orthopaedic, cardiac,  neurological and abdominal surgery. A wide range of therapies with post-surgical outcomes can be dealt with the help of physiotherapy. Orthovision physiotherapy clinic is one of the best physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre in Noida.

What are the cases in which physiotherapy can be used?

Muscular pain

Decreased strength, the diminished scope of movement, postural issues and coordination issues.


Reduced exercise levels, breathing challenges and postural issues.


Body weakness, breathing problems, decreased mobility, muscle shortening, loss of sensation

Stomach pain, breathing problems and decreased mobility.

What are the advantages of Post-Surgical Rehabilitation?

Physiotherapy after a medical procedure ought to start promptly in the clinic, but it is vital that whenever you have been released you proceed with physiotherapy to accomplish the most ideal recovery. Physiotherapists urge you to complete a scope of activities to reinforce and prepare any impacted joints and muscles and this will likewise assist with further developing circulatory or respiratory issues that might have arisen in the hospital.

Different advantages include:

  • Helpful management of your pain.
  • Assist you with getting back to the routine of everyday living.
  • Strengthening of weak muscles.
  • Improving the posture of your body.
  • Reducing the risk of pressure sores.

Who should get physiotherapy?

Any individual who has had a medical surgery and who is encountering pain, stiff body, decreased balance and coordination, muscle weakness and diminished mobility will be benefited from a rehabilitation program when they have been released from the hospital after surgery. Medical surgeries can have both physical and mental impacts which might impact your recovery and cause mental trauma. Physiotherapists will help in completing a full evaluation and work with you to make sure that you recover and fulfil your objectives. They will also provide a complete guide to recovering from physical and mental trauma after medical surgery.

Which is the best place to get Post-Surgical Rehabilitation?

To get Post-Surgical Rehabilitation for yourself or any loved one visit the clinic of  Dr Shashendra Singh. They have the best physiotherapy specialists who will help in the recovery of a patient after a bone or joint surgery. Visit Dr Shashendra Singh to get Post-Surgical Rehabilitation now.

Dr. Shashendra Singh for physiotherapy in noida

Dr. Shashendra Singh


Physiotherapist, Functional Rehabilitation Specialist

Dr Shashendra Singh was awarded with Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2008 Thereafter also completed 2 years NDDY program. Currently holding Memberships with: 1. Indian Association of Physiotherapy: IAP-L-38100, 2. All India Association of Physiotherapy: AIAP-11721
Qualification: 10 years of dedicated experience treating rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and skeletal and muscle illness.
Has great expertise in the formulation and execution of varied therapy programs and performing patient assessment. Knowledge of implementing acute patient care of adults and adolescents. Sound knowledge of human anatomy and internal body structures. Knowledge of hydrotherapy and electrotherapy.

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