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Laser Procedures/Treatment

LASIK, which represents laser, is a well-known medical procedure that helps in improving the vision in individuals who are partially blind or farsighted, or who have astigmatism.

It is one of the best vision revision medical procedures performed by eye specialists. They work by reshaping your cornea, the forward portion of your eye, so that light spotlights on the retina toward the back of your eye.

Lasers procedures in Ophthalmology

There are a wide range of lasers used in ophthalmology for various conditions. Most commonly used ones are:

Nd:Yag laser capsulotomy- for aftercataract treatment as some patients might develop posterior capsule opacification.

Nd:yag laser peripheral iridotomy- to create a small opening in the periphery of iris in some cases of narrow angle glaucoma

Argon laser trabeculoplasty- in certain cases of open angle glaucoma.

Green laser(Fd:yag) for diabetic retinopathy

Micropulse laser for diabetic retinopathy

Excimer laser- used in LASIK laser refractive correction for spectacle removal.

Femtosecond laser used in LASIK laser refractive correction , corneal transplantation, intacs placement and cataract surgery.

These lasers have different frequencies, hence vary in depth of penetration.

What are the best place to get LASIK surgery?

If you are facing some problems with your eyes, the Orthovision eye clinic is the best eye care centre. Dr Sridevi Haldar is the best eye specialist in Noida, who provides her expert services. So, what are you waiting for?

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Before & After Gallery

Molten metal burn1

Molten metal burn

Molten metal burn

After Tenonplasty

Corneal Opacity

Corneal Opacity

Cornea Transplanted

After Cornea Transplant

Fuchs Dystrophy

Fuch’s Dystrophy



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Qualification: After graduating in year 2005, she pursued her interest of specializing in the field of Ophthalmology and completed her post-graduation from world renowned, prestigious instate;”

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